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I had the privilege of speaking with Dr. Kirsner after his 100th birthday celebration at the University. I asked him if he would share with me the "secret(s)" to his longevity. He answered " I have always had a passion for life and for what I do. Some people retire, sit in a rocking chair, and simply fade away. They lost their passion for life. I still have my passion for life and for what I do. That would be my answer."

Those whose lives he touched will never forget his intelligence and his humanity. I will never forget his telling a patient who refused a meal because he was instructed not to eat what he was served--you can't abdicate your responsibility. (PS-the patient was correct)

Dr. Kirsner spoke at my father's memorial service in 2007. Theirs was a multi-dimentional friendship lasting many decades. The talk he gave was reflective, warm, informational and conveyed brilliantly, his remarkable ability to connect. My sisters and I gained insight into our father's lifelong illness; Dr. Kirsner had remarkable abilitiy to integrate the wellness of the whole person into his work with their physcal illness.

Today the University remembered those who have died this last year among whom was also Dr. Joseph B. Kirsner. I had to remmember hi as really the Alpha and Omaga of the academic calling of the University, as a man of the highest medical standards, as a personof truth and justice. That he would be the physician in 1989 who gave a lecture in Greece in the ancient Temple of Asclepius, the frist physician to do so after 2,500 years is in my opinion also the most fitting tribute. And as it is said in Apocalyhpse of St John, "when the just die, thei works will follow them! May Dr Kirsner rest in peace and continue towatch ovefr us.