Taxman Foundation Memorializes JBK With Record Gift

The Taxman Foundation plans to honor Dr. Kirsner with a $2.5 million donation.

The gift focuses on three influential aspects of Dr. Kirsner's career and allows for his legacy to take hold of the University. It will allow us to train able individuals, with care to return to the humanistic element of medicine; bring world renowned speakers together, converging on the field Dr. Kirsner helped pioneer; and display his works permanently in interactive displays in the New Hospital Pavilion.

First, the gift will honor Dr. Kirsner's role as a mentor and teacher, creating the "Joseph B. Kirsner Endowed Fellowship." $1.5 M to endow an annual fellowship to support an advanced fellow in digestive diseases.

It will also honor Dr. Kirsner's role as a physician scientist as $500K of the Taxman gift will create the "Joseph B. Kirsner Endowment for Excellence." This supports an annual conference at the University of Chicago with world renowned colleagues in the field of Digestive Diseases.

Finally, the gift will showcase Dr. Kirsner's work and role in the growth of the University of Chicago Medical Center as well as modern medicine and the field of gastroenterology, $500K will support the GI Faculty Reception Area in the New Hospital Pavilion and include prominent, interactive displays for Dr. Kirsner's work.

"Very few people have had an impact on me, or on the world, like Dr. Joseph Kirsner," said Seymour Taxman, CEO and founder of the Chicago-based Taxman Corporation. "He has helped thousands of patients in their personal battles against digestive disorders. He also has trained generations of experts in the field. It is an honor for my wife and me to help extend his reach and continue this profound legacy."

Dr. Kirsner has long been an influential physician here at the University, arriving here first as an assistant in 1935. After a reduction in staff due to lack of research left him the sole member of the GI section in July 1, 1962, he helped found the Gastro-Intestinal Research Foundation with two friends. GIRF currently facilitates the University's research endeavors and has contributed nearly $30 million to gastrointestinal research at the University of Chicago.

Taxman, also a longstanding member on the GIRF board, has brought suburban style commercial development to the city with over 80 Shopping centers, drug stores, supermarkets, suburban properties, and other developments currently built.

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